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Tax Calculator

To assist you to calculate your monthly Tax payable based on the "new" Nigerian - Personal Income Tax Amendment Act 2011, we are pleased to offer below a tax calculation template.

Note: In arriving at the Taxable amount, the following assumptions have been made:

  • Gross Taxable Income is your total earning taxable under the law - all Payroll earnings are taxable.
  • You must provide your monthly Pay information.
  • The tax amount calculated is for a month.
  • This free income tax calculation template is only a guide. There are other provisions in the tax law whose interpretation may grossly impart the final tax amount.
  • For assistance you may email us at -


Pedabo is an independent member firm of Morison KSi providing Audit Assurance, Tax Consulting and Advisory to all sectors of the Nigerian economy. Pedabo offers various professional services aimed at meeting the client’s expectation. Our vision is to be the leading professional firm providing exceptional services with the assurance of timely solutions delivered to our clients’ tax, audit and financial needs by warm, professional and dependable staff.


Morison KSi, a network of firms established to meet the cross border accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting needs of clients. Our access to the support Morison KSi provides creates more opportunities for our clients than they would get from a single discipline association. Over the years, we have executed several projects jointly with Morison KSi member firms. Our partnership has given us both the technical capacity and resources to execute large projects.

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