Oil And Gas

bOil and Gas

The firm has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in management of tax matters of companies in the oil and gas industry. We handle tax matters of our numerous clients in this sector professionally while the company concentrate on its operation without any hassle on tax issues. Below are some of the services we render to our oil and gas clients:

  • Tax Management During the Pre-Production Stage
  • Review and Advise on Capitalization of Pre-Production/Development Costs
  • Computations of Estimates and Actual Petroleum Profit Tax
  • Advice and Computations of Royalty on Crude Production
  • Provision of Advice on Available Incentives
  • Review, Advice and Computations of Capital Allowances on QCE
  • Filing of Petroleum Profit Tax Estimates Computations
  • Filing of Actual Petroleum Profit Tax Returns
  • Advice and Computation of Capital Gains Tax of Disposals of Oil Assets
  • Transaction Tax (VAT & WHT) Management
  • Petroleum Profit Tax Audit Management