Doing Business in the UK

Doing Business Guide - UK 2017The UK is the number one destination for foreign direct investment in Europe, attracting the highest number of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects and receiving the largest value of FDI net inflows in 2015-16 in Europe. Across the country, 2,213 inward investment projects were secured in that period, an 11% increase on the previous year.

This lead to around 116,000 jobs being created or safeguarded in the UK – the second highest number on record. USA is the leading investor region followed by China, India and France. All these above facts clearly demonstrate one thing; The UK is one of the leading preferred destinations for internationally focused companies looking to expand their global footprints.

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Doing Business in New Zealand

New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, 1,600 km southeast of Australia. With a population of almost 4.5 million, New Zealand is a free market economy that competes globally and its inflation rate is one of the lowest in the industrial world.

New Zealand has a range of manufacturing and service sectors, which complements a very efficient agricultural sector. The economy is heavily trade-orientated, with the agricultural, horticultural, forestry, mining, energy and fishing sectors playing an important role in the export sector and in employment.

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Doing Business in Malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and covers an area of 330,252 km2 and has one of the most developed infrastructures in Asia. There are seven international ports, the main one being at Port Klang, which is suitably situated adjacent to the Klang Valley area, the region with the highest congregation of population and commercial activities.

Malaysia has an open economy and is considered one of the newly industrialised market economies. It has evolved from a highly mining-dependent and agro-based economy in the 1970s to a multi-sector economy – one that is manufacturing-based, export-driven, high technology and knowledge-based.

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